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Christine Finney

I live in Norfolk now and for many years have been a professional make-up artist for film and TV. I had always been interested in ceramics and attracted to the idea of using my creative skills in the medium of clay, so around six years ago I attended a course and became hooked. That was the start of my ever-evolving journey, where everything and anything influences my work.

I usually throw in porcelain on the wheel as I enjoy the smooth feel of the clay, and I am constantly challenging myself by trying to throw as thinly as possible.

However, at the moment I am experimenting with paperclay and bone china slip as it allows for a higher level of translucency which is difficult to achieve with a thrown vessel.

I throw mostly functional domestic ware as I enjoy the thought of my pots being used on a day to day basis. The shape and form of the vessel are more important to me than decoration; however, as I love colour the porcelain allows for intense bold colours to be presented in a simple and uncomplicated way.


Many thanks to for photographing my work so elegantly.